Let me guess a little about you...

Your pain has had a massive impact on your life.

You feel withdrawn from your friends and family because they just do not understand what you are going through.

You don't feel up to social interactions in any form. 

You are afraid to move or change because you do not want your pain to get any worse. 

You are often angry, deflated and depressed because chronic pain has taken over your life.

This is NOT how you imagined you would be living.

You feel restricted by your pain and its impact on your life.

You are losing control and feel...hopeless.

I felt this way too. And guess what? You are not alone.

These are very common reactions to dealing with a life of chronic pain. 

BUT you are NOT hopeless. You have an amazing strength within you. You have the power to self manage your pain and be in control. 

There are things you can take charge of in your life and you can start today.

There is a better way. 

You have the power to manage your own health journey. 

This is what I have chosen to do. 

I have transformed myself.

I am healthier, stronger, happier. Why? Because I took control. I accepted that pain is a part of who I am and I made a plan to manage my condition to the best of my ability. 

I am healthier because I choose to fuel myself with the best, nutrient dense, fresh, whole foods.

I am stronger because I choose to undertake a consistent, daily exercise program that I designed.

I am happier because I have a greater awareness of my thoughts and emotions and their impact on my life and my pain levels. 

I have the energy to do what I want, despite of pain because I know my limits, and I know how to PACE my daily activities (on a good day or a bad day).

I am a new person. And I want to help you on your journey. 

Am I perfect? Ummm...no. Afraid not! But I often post about my on-going struggles and challenges and I hope that this is helpful to you because SELF MANAGING CHRONIC PAIN IS NOT EASY! But the benefits, well, they can be life changing!

So, do you want to get started?

The first place to start would be to sign up to my email list and get all the updates and information on self managing chronic pain. You will receive a free ebook with some excellent tips to get you started. ​

Do you want to know more about me?

I am a wife and a mother to 2 gorgeous girls. 

I was born with scoliosis and now am the proud owner of some serious hardware (no - metal detectors do not go off when I go through security at an airport!)

I have a PhD in environmental science and my sister calls me the Doctor of Dirt.

I love to garden and bushwalk and make a big mess in the kitchen (but usually there is some good food emerging from the mess!) 

You can also read more about my journey with chronic pain here (before) and (after)

Finally, just a quick word on what I am NOT

I am not a doctor, a dietician, a sports scientist, or a psychologist. I have suffered
with chronic back pain for 20 years until I decided, with the guidance of my
family and medical team to manage my pain myself without medication. This has
been a tough road and I am by no means pain free or without setbacks. 

The content provided on this website is based on my personal experiences and all techniques
are offered as suggestions of techniques that have worked for me. Not all exercises, nutrition options or meditations are suitable for everyone.

The information supplied  is:

  • a means to support but not replace your relationship with your medical team;  
  • no way intended to be a substitute for medical, physical or physiological counselling/therapy;
  • not meant to be a treatment, diagnosis, prescription or cure for your condition.

Before undertaking any of the pain management techniques suggested on this site, you
should seek advice from your own medical practitioners.  ​

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and...this is what my spine looks like!

So....This is me.. Hello!

Pain Without Suffering

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