Pain Without Suffering

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Hey there, I'm Mandy! I help people manage chronic pain and to find more enjoyment and fulfillment in their life.

What? Why? How?


I know what it is like to feel pain. I know what it is like to suffer. For 20 years, I let chronic back pain rule my life. My suffering came from unhelpful thoughts, inconsistent exercise and an emotional attachment to pain. I know that pain can have a massive impact on your life - physically, emotionally, socially and even financially. This all accumulated for me into a deeply isolated depression. This state not only altered my life but was beginning to affect my relationship with my loved ones. 

But 6 years ago, that all changed. I realised that much of this suffering was caused by me and my reactions. I made a choice to consciously accept pain but to also change the way I reacted to it. I no longer take any pain medications because I self manage my pain. The impact on my life is greatly reduced. I am happier, healthier, stronger and I approach everyday with a mindful compassion and an understanding of the things that are within my control. 

I could have avoided years of suffering had I known what I know now. The simple fact was that what I was thinking, doing and eating was actually contributing to and, in some cases, increasing my pain. 

I am passionate about preventing this suffering in others. So, this website is all about giving you some inspiring stories, information and practical solutions for self managing your chronic pain. I give talks, I teach courses, I write...all because I am passionate about teaching others they can have pain....without suffering!

Join me for the ride....


If you have a question or want to share your story, please let me know. I am really keen to hear how I can help you. So please get in touch!